How to Get Blood Out Of Mattress?


Protein in the blood makes stains stubborn. You need to use strong cleaning solutions or professional mattress cleaning services to get rid of bloodstains. Worry not, read on to know a complete guide that will help you remove blood stains.

Step 1: Remove Excessive Blood

  • Remove all additional items from the mattress such as comforters, sheets, cushions, etc. If they also have bloodstains, wash them in the laundry machine immediately.

  • Take a dry and clean cloth and soak it in cold water. Rinse excess water to keep it damp, but not wet.

  • Blot the area with blood stains to drench stains. Make sure you blot it and not rub it else it will push stains even deeper to make it difficult to remove.

  • Take another clean and dry cloth to blot the excess water with blood.

  • Repeat the process until your dry cloth comes out completely clean.

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Step 2: Create the Mattress Cleaning Solution

You can use any one of these three cleaning solutions:

  • Take 1 tablespoon of ammonia and 1 cup of cold water.

  • Now mix 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of cold water.

  • Mix a half cup of liquid detergent with 2 tablespoons water.

Mix the solutions well by whisking.

Step 3: Mattress Cleaning Process

  • Saturate the bloodstains with a mattress cleaning solution made in step 2. Make sure you use a limited cleaning solution to saturate the mattress and do not damp it.

  •  Let it sit for 30 minutes. The cleaner will penetrate into the fibers to remove blood stains and break the protein particles.

  • Once 30 minutes pass, take a clean brush and scrub the area and remove the stains completely. It will break the blood particles and remove the stains.

  • Take a clean cloth and damp it in cold water. Remove excessive water and keep it damped. Dab it on the affected area to remove leftover mattress cleaning solution or bloodstains. Remove this process until the cloth comes out clean without any stains or cleaning solution.

  • Take another clean and dry cloth to press it over the area so excess water can be removed. If one part of the cloth gets wet, use another side of the cloth to remove excess the water.

  •  Now, let it dry. You can use a fan or other tools if you have to reduce dry time.

  • Once it is completely dry, vacuum it to make it completely cleaned.

That’s it! This is the complete mattress cleaning guide which will remove all blood stains from the mattress.

To take precautionary steps, it is advisable to use mattress covers as well as a bedsheet. These additional layers will help in minimizing the stains directly on the mattress.

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