How to Clean a Velour Air Mattress?

The Velour air mattress is an amazing thing to own as it can be used for guests at the house. You can also use it while going out for campaigning, on road trips and in many such situations. It is, indeed, comfortable to have a good sleep. Like anything in your house, the air mattress […]


DIY | 3 Steps Deep Clean Your Mattress the Right Way

Your mattresses are the most troubled part of your interiors, aren’t they? From throwing your tired dirty self on it at the end of the day to babies crawling and spilling food on it, or wetting it we just do not give them a rest, do we? All this wear and tear makes Mattress Cleaning […]


How To Clean Mattresses With Vinegar

A mattress is for obvious reasons is prone to get dirty most of the times. Usually mattresses requires not much maintenance, because the manufactures have kept the amount of wear and tear it will go through. But when you purchase a used mattress, or residue or urine comes into. But you need to regularly disinfect […]

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