DIY | 3 Steps Deep Clean Your Mattress the Right Way

Deep Clean Your Mattress

Your mattresses are the most troubled part of your interiors, aren’t they? From throwing your tired dirty self on it at the end of the day to babies crawling and spilling food on it, or wetting it we just do not give them a rest, do we? All this wear and tear makes Mattress Cleaning no less than a regular need.  

Furthermore, accidents are going to happen. A drink spills, your baby wets the bed, someone had a fever and they slept their way sweating on the sheets. Your mattresses also cradle everything imaginable from your cosmetics to dinner plates and they can no doubt wreck a havoc on your sheets. None of these accidents is planned, and generally, they are not even preventable, unless you are obsessed with keeping your sheets untouched before bedtime all day! Having said that you can prevent an accident from ruining your mattress! How do you ask? A quality mattress protector is an answer it is a surefire way to keep your mattress clean and stain-free.

But what if your fabric protector cover is off, worn out or in the laundry and you dirty your mattress? We have rounded up a few mattress cleaning tips that will help you with Mattress Deep Cleaning on your own.

3 Steps Deep Clean Your Mattress the Right Way

The First Steps is to Vacuum The Loose Dirt

With time dirt and dust are going to accumulate in the coherence of the fabric of your mattress. So it is not wrong to say that even if you have not spilled or stained your mattress with anything, it is always advisable that you get your mattress cleaning every three to four months. Make sure that you clean your mattress on the same schedule that you rotate it.

This is How You Can Vacuum Clean Your Mattress:

  • First step is to remove your sheets and mattress protector.
  • Make sure that your vacuum attachment is clean first of all.
  • Now run across the entire mattress with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Apply pressure to suck up the dirt and dust in the fibers of the fabric.
  • Pro Tip: To clean the pillow top with seams and quilting, use the crevice tool on your vacuum.

The Second Steps Stain and Spot Treatment

This treatment is used to clean the most stubborn of stains.

If you are to clean with mattress stains that are fresh, use a clean, dry towel to blotch the wet spill first. This will lift the excess moisture from the fabric mattress material, and then clean up the stain. Select fabric cleaners that give you mattresses odour-less and fragrant. Who would want the stink of the vomit and urine remain in the sheets?

Other methods it is to lightly spray the spills and stains with a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar solution. Let this mixture stay for almost 10 minutes, and then rub dry towel. Let your mattress dry or follow up with our next tip.  

The Third Steps End with a Confetti of Bicarbonate Mixture

This is probably the easiest and simplest way to de-odourise

  • Sprinkle some straight from the kitchen baking soda over your mattress.
  • Do nothing now, let it just stand for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Vacuum all the baking soda up.
  • Please note that if you’re soaking up a liquid spill, you should let the baking soda stay for more than an hour before using your vacuum.

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