How to Keep Your Mattress Free from Pet Dander

Pet dander can stick to all surfaces. Moreover, if you do not remove pet dander, it may hoist dust mites. It can cause allergies, respiratory disease, and other health issues in humans. Pet dander and dust mites are microscopic, so difficult to see with human eyes. However, health hazards can be really high due to them. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them completely from any surface as well as preventing per dander to get accumulated.
In this blog post, we will share effective Mattress Cleaning Melbourne methods to remove pet dander from your mattress and preventing the accumulation of pet dander.

Mattress Cleaning Methods:

1. Use Mattress Sheet and Keep It Clean

• Your mattress sheet not only keeps your mattress clean but also prevents pet dander and other pollutants from getting to your mattress. Therefore, use a mattress sheet.
• Regularly wash the sheet to stop letting pet dander make way to the mattress.
• Regularly change the sheet.

2. Mattress Cleaning with a Vacuum Cleaner

• With its powerful suction capabilities, a vacuum cleaner can suck any allergens and pollutants and pet dander cannot get away from it.
• Use the upholstery cleaning attachment or a specific attachment for mattress cleaning with the vacuum.
• At least two times a week, the mattress needs to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

3. Steam Cleaning

• Steam cleaning to clean the mattress is one of the most effective mattress cleaning methods. It not only removes pet dander but also all other hidden or invisible allergens and pollutants.
• Steam cleaning should be performed only if you have the required tools and experience. Alternatively, call the professionals for steam mattress cleaning in Melbourne.
These are some effective mattress cleaning methods. Along with keeping the mattress clean, you also need to take some steps to keep pet dander away from the mattress and other surfaces.

Tips for Care:

1. Keeping Pets Away

• Pets are treated as family members and therefore, they have the liberty to get in bed. However, It can affect your health. Therefore, taking preventive steps is necessary.
• Keep pets away from the mattress as much as possible. This will reduce pet dander in the bed and also your efforts to clean the mattress.

2. Groom Your Pets

You must be already doing that, but still, to reduce your efforts on mattress cleaning, you must take some steps to groom furry pets such as:
• Regular bath washes off dander otherwise fall in mattress and other places.
• Some medication helps in removing the allergenic effect.
• Regularly brush off the fur to reduce and prevent dander dropping.

3. Use Quality Air Filters

• Install high-quality air filters, which will prevent pollutants from moving in the air and making their way to the mattress and other surfaces. This will reduce your mattress cleaning Melbourne efforts.
• To keep the air filters effective, it is necessary to replace them frequently.

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