Do Dust Mites Live in Mattresses?

Dust mites are very tiny creatures and almost impossible to see in direct sight of a human. However, they can be anywhere; on your couch, bed, upholstery chair, etc. One of the major houses of breeding of dust mites is your mattress. What if I tell you that every time you go to bed, there are thousands of dust mites sleeping with you? Yes, it is disgusting and gross, and it is true.

Dust mites love dark places to stay and breed. Within a few months, there can be thousands of mites living in your mattress and breeding more and more. Not only this, but they also pooh in your mattress. Nothing can be as horrifying as a thought of sleeping in and on pooh of dust mites. One dust mite can emit pooh of double the weight of its body weight. It means your mattress may have more pooh than mites. It is indeed disgusting feeling. But, I am not kidding, it is true.

Why Do They Live in a Mattress?

There are multiple reasons dust mites breed and live in mattresses such as:

  • They like to be in dark places.
  • They get enough food in your mattress. How? They eat dead skin cells, which we leave back every night we sleep. According to a study, humans live on an average of 1 Kg dead skin cells every year, which gives more than enough food to dust mites.

Do Dust Mites Live Even After Regular Mattress Cleaning?

The answer depends on the type of mattress cleaning you do. If you are doing just regular dusting and vacuuming, then the answer is, yes, they are there in your bed.

Even if you do dusting and vacuuming every day as part of your mattress cleaning routine, you are still leaving these creatures behind because that is not enough to get rid of them.

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Why You Must Remove Dust Mites Completely?

Of course, it is disgusting to think, but then, some people think, anyway, they are not visible, then why to bother? Right? Well, you have to remove them completely as they can make you very sick. You will inhale the impurities left behind by them and this can cause respiratory diseases.

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites?

There are many ways of removing these tiny creatures and remaining completely from your mattress. However, one-time mattress cleaning will not be enough because they can come back and breed again. You need to follow these effective cleaning instructions on a regular interval:

  • Use a clean mattress cover. Make sure that you are not using too old cover.
  • Wash the mattress cover every week or at least biweekly. It will remove dead skin cells to reduce the food source of mites which may get them out of your bed.
  • Daily, or as frequently as you can, open the windows to get sunlight inside your room. Dust mites cannot stand UV lights emitted by the sun.
  • Put your mattress in direct sunlight for an hour. Do this at least once in a quarter. You do not need to flip the side as the sun rays are enough to get those dust mites out of it.
  • For mattress cleaning, use a rotating brush that beats it and gets mites out.

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