Top 5 Spots You Are Probably Not Cleaning in the Bedroom

Cleaning in the Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place in your house that lets you get away from your daily hustle and stress and just relax in peace. That’s why it has to be clean and hygienic, but the truth is completely the opposite. Generally, the bedroom is one of the ugliest rooms in the house. It usually has dead skin, dirt, hair, spots, dust, allergens and much more to make you very very sick.

Everyone cleans bedroom almost daily, then what leaves it so dirty?!.

There are some spots which are often left untouched and uncleaned and that result in filthy bedrooms. In this article, you will learn about the top 5 spots that you are probably skipping from your daily routine.

Top 5 Spots You Are Probably Not Cleaning in the Bedroom

1. Doorknobs

All apartments except studio apartments have doors with doorknobs. The doorknobs get touched with dirty hands for obvious reasons. Thus, it is one of the dirtiest spots in a bedroom. Make sure to clean the doorknobs regularly and cultivate the habit of frequently washing hands in all family members.

2. Curtains

Everyone prefers privacy and that’s why windows are often covered with curtains, drapes, roman blinds, etc. Due to winds and again possibly filthy hands that open and close curtains, affect the cleanliness of your curtains. Thus, at least once a year take benefit of professional Curtain and Drapes Cleaning Melbourne service. Moreover, wash them frequently.

3. Table and Cupboard tops

The top areas of the tables and cupboards often breed dust and fallen pet and human hair. Some cupboards are so high that it is difficult to clean its top part daily. Likewise, some tables have so many items on it that it gets difficult to completely clean it. Daily dusting can’t really completely clean them. Take a wet cloth to clean the top parts of the tables and cupboards in the bedroom. This will make sure the dust doesn’t fall on the floor, carpet or mattress and increase your work as then you need to invest time in floor, carpet and mattress cleaning.

4. Carpet

You may not believe it, but as per the best carpet cleaning companies in Melbourne, the carpet in the bedroom is often dirtier than a toilet seat. Even if you vacuum your carpet and rugs frequently, it may collect bacteria and dust. You must use carpet cleaning melbourne services at least once in three to six months.

5. Mattress

Everyone sits, sleeps and plays on the mattress, including, your pets, kids, spouse and other family members. Some people also eat and drink while sitting or lying on the mattress. Even if you have a bed sheet, some dust, bacteria, stains and pet hair make its way to your mattress and make it filthy. You can use professional mattress cleaning services or use baking soda and essential oil to clean your mattress.

These are the top 5 spots in your bedroom that are filthiest than you think. You must clean them frequently as well as take professional cleaning services to give them a new life and make them more hygienic.


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