In 5 Ways Learn How to Extend The Life Of Mattress


Purchasing mattresses is a real significant financial investment, which suggests that caring for the same to extend mattress life is really necessary. If you are caring for the mattresses well and keeping them clean at all times, they are potentially going to save you a lot of bucks down the line.

Mattress cleaning is such a task which is not new for sure. But certainly, it isn’t something which everybody knows how to do properly as well. The process of mattress cleaning requires you to know the proper procedures of cleaning.

Most of the times, when you stain a mattress, people wash the sheets and just dry out the mattress. This is certainly not going to make them look better or have a healthy life in the coming years. It also makes them lose colour.

But if you are wondering how to extend the life of mattresses, we have some ways for you in this blog post. Check them out.

5 Ways to Extend The Life Of Mattress

1. Always Use a Mattress Cover

The mattress covers which the companies provide with the mattress are very thin generally and fit over a mattress like a fitted sheet with stretchy side. These sheets could be made of any material, be it polyester, cotton or even latex. However, we recommend buying a water-resistant sheet which is going to save your mattresses from ‘most’ of the stains. Mattress covers act as the final line of defence against dirt and spills. Eventually, they would also prevent any kind of abrasion on the mattress surface due to the body movement.

2. Change/Clean your Bedding Once a Week at least

You might not know, but all the human bodies produce body oil. This oil rubs into the sheets and other bedding which your mattresses soak. The body oil usually is very destructive for the mattress fibers. So, you might want to wash your sheets once or twice a week along with other bedding which comes into contact with human skin.

3. Rotate Your Mattress Every Few Months

It is no surprise that some mattress manufacturers claim you don’t have to rotate the mattresses to extend its lifespan. To be honest, though, you can definitely add years to your mattress if you do so regularly. As your body weight puts more pressure on the whole structure of the mattress, these structures could be deformed permanently if you don’t give them a chance to restore themselves.

You can avoid this by rotating your mattress regularly as the weight will distribute evenly over time, giving the internal structure a fair chance to revive.

4. Clean You Mattress Regularly

Most of the people usually don’t realize this, but you need to clean your mattresses once in a while to make them last longer. You might want to vacuum the mattresses once a month at least. For this purpose, don’t use rollers or your mattress might get damaged. Rather you can use the special attachments of your vacuum cleaner for cleaning your mattresses.

5. Use a Mattress Pad

Mattress pads are quite thick and usually prevent the fluids from the body from reaching the mattress, especially when you use it in combination with a thin mattress protector. But make sure to wash the mattress covers frequently to prevent the accumulation of any kind of dust or fecal material which you usually want to get rid of.

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